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Banana Ecuador

Ecuador’s tropical climate is perfect for growing bananas, with the country’s high humidity producing some of the most delicious fruits on the planet.


Beetroot has established itself as a superfood. It’s nutrient packed and has been proven to increase athletic performance. It can be roasted, pickled or even mashed and is delicious in both hot or cold dishes.


Beetroots are nutritional powerhouses that will add flavour and a burst of colour to your salads and cold side dishes.

Clementine with Leaves

Smaller, sweeter and easier to peel than oranges, clementines are a delicious sweet citrus fruit. clementines come with the leaves still attached to preserve their ripeness for longer.

Dragon fruit (Vietnam)

Dragon fruit is the fruit of a variety of cactus species. It has a unique appearance, sweet taste, and crunchy texture. The dragon fruit contains multiple antioxidants that are beneficial for good health.

Hass avocado Columbia

The best-known variety of the avocado, the Hass is dense with good fats and has a creamy flesh that’s ideal for mashing onto toast.


Turkey has become one of the world’s largest exporters of lemons thanks to the abundance that it grows, but also because its known for high quality consistency.

Little gem lettuce

Cute and compact, the diminutive gem lettuce has bags of sweet flavour in its tightly-formed leaves that give a satisfying crunch to any salad.

Loose carrots

An essential ingredient of the weekly grocery shop, fresh and crunchy carrots are a healthy vegetable choice that’s filled with vitamins, flavour and sweetness.

Onion Africa

The vegetable we know and love as the onion is the edible bulb of the onion plant. Sharp to the taste, the onion can be peeled, chopped and added to most dishes raw, cooked, roasted, or fried

Red radish bunch

If you feel that your salad needs a punch of peppery flavour, chop up these red radishes and toss them in for instant impact.


An ancestor of cauliflower and a cousin of broccoli, Romanesco takes its name from its original production area, Rome.